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Revital Madar video recording

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Creating Identity Outside of the Exposed Body
Revital Madar
In relation to the dichotomies which you have pointed out, I wish to point out on another dichotomy, which I see as crucial for the understanding of the relation between western and non western fashion, for the understanding of the lack of acceptances of non-western traditions in the west, while tradition as such has become such a powerful marketing tool. I want to speak on the dichotomy of covered versus exposed, which in her performance is the place where the question of the flash, of the bared body is lying on the one hand, while on the other hand, we see the falling fabric, the disappearance of the skin, and the moving away from the body. In current western fashion the place at which the moving away from the body is present is rare. If I was to point out on the reasons for this lack in fashion, of this shift from the contour of the body, towards a more open definition of bodies and clothes, than I was to point out on the need to be commercial, as well as of Islamophobia. A phobia which embraces the western and neo-liberal answer of what it means to be free. While given it a very narrow answer, we can see how hard it has become to find western collections which are not afraid to present a fully covered woman or man, which use fabric to an extent. I wish to talk on the way in which this moving away from the body, which has to do with Islamophobia, don’t let us think identity in a broader sense, outside of the exposed body. How attached the west has become to its own body, and how western fashion don’t let go from the body, and at the end makes it less and less possible to meet the truly new design, that which is created in the non-western world, as opposed to that which is inspired by the west. Moreover, I would like to draw through the covered body the relation between non-western fashion and fashion at the edge.
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