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Rosemary Munro Kerr at CCW Digital MakerSpace day

Rosemary Munro Kerr | WCA Student MFA | 'Solar-technik' a digital replication of experienced sunlight.
Images from Chelsea Jam event May 13th 2015
Exhibit & talk to the artists
Presentation of artwork which explores how the sensory experience of sunlight can be translated into, amplified and understood in digital form.  What is lost in this translation from analogue/sensory to digital? And what can be gained?

When: Weds 13th May 11 to 4 drop in anytime throughout the day. The work is light dependent to function inside, so preferably some point during the ‘sunnier’ part of the day.  Rosemary will be available to talk about the work and her experiences and future work for the duration of the day.

About Rosemary: I make installations that capture and digitally replicate analogue processes and sensory experience. I look at circular systems, and the rationalisation of subjective experience, using microcontrollers to compute sensory inputs into digital output, often visually as light. 

I look at systems of making and the metamorphosis of skill, upholding the made object as a synthetic and symbiotic product of Maker, process and biophysical environment.

I am completing my final months of an MFA at Wimbledon College of Art, graduating in June 2015 and have recently been accented onto Space Studios Art and Technology development programme, CoLAB.

What would like to gain from the community: Conversations with technology partners/specialists about various possibilities of developing system into other digital outputs.


Image above: [Im]Pulse - Installation - APT Gallery, November 2014 - leds, microcontroller, copper wire

Please come and join us for a digital making community building event (open to the public) at Chelsea College of the arts on May 13th.

Meet specialist makers, learn about digital making & MakerSpaces at CCW MakerSpace day: 'Chelsea Jam' aims to bring together staff, students and MakerSpaces from across London & UK to share perspectives on digital making within the arts with an aim of establishing a new 'arts digital making community'.

Please come and join us and encourage others along for:

CCW Digital MakerSpace Day: Chelsea Jam on 13th May in the Banquetting Hall at Chelsea College. 

The event is open to all staff and students and are encouraged to drop-in anytime between 11am - 4pm (FabLab presentation start at 1pm).

More event details: here

Book your free place here:

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