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Scentsory Design

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Scentsory Design® is an animation film that explores the fusion of Emotional Fashion with 'aromachology' (the science of perfume) and how this can has a radical impact on mental and physical health. Fashion has a reason; it is a display of personal identity through strong visual cues. Scentsory Design® adds more sensations into the fashion palette to create radical new fashion properties with real benefit. The project chooses scent as a tool to improve quality of life. This enables the wearer to act on visual cues or detect scent signals, allowing immediate information. Scentsory Design® creates Emotional Fashion: responsive clothes and jewellery that offer social and therapeutic value in a desirable fashion context. The aim is to produce an intimate scent bubble that delivers benefit chemicals in controlled ways responding to personal needs. This allows for efficient scent delivery that is targeted to specific parts of the body. The users confidence in their visual identity is thus enhanced by sensory, psychological and medical wellbeing.

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