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SCORE Fellowship Output - April 2012


This template is intended to capture all activity you’ve undertaken in the course of your Fellowship project to engage with the rest of the HE/FE community.  The information will be used for reporting to HEFCE, the National Role Advisory Board and other similar bodies, as well as potentially for promotional activity, reports and case studies.

Please enter the title of the output and where possible a link to where the output can be located/accessed.


Fellow Name:



Chris Follows

Date of Output


Future Learning Spaces, conference proceedings ebook by Aalto Press.

Date pending

Conference Presentations:

Cambridge 2012 presentations:

OER12: Presentation 1 - SCORE paper - Open educational social media content groups and networks within the arts, design & media education.

OER12: Presentation 2 - SCORE/UK OER - Disciplinary and Institutional Perspectives on Open Educational Practice in Art, Design and Media Studies: Opportunities and Challenges

OER12: panel - Embed, don't bolt-on: promoting OER use in UK universities

HEA Conference

30 minute paper presentation, session title: Exploring OER rich media reuse through social media content communities


Presentation - Open participatory education and social media content groups and networks (submitted paper only)

Presentation Drawing on All Resources, to be held at the University of Brighton.

symposium proposal - Technology: the new mainstream?

UAL LEARNING AND TEACHING DAY 2012: CULTURE AND CULTURAL CAPITAL - Culture Capital, defining digital identity & practice


April 16, 2012 – April 18, 2012




04 July 2012






11 – 13 Sept 2012




16 May 2012

18 Jan 2012


The OER programme team have booked a double stand, poster boards, LCD display and kiosks to support OER projects at the Academy’s annual conference, I will be representing SCORE and UAL/ALTO

04 July 2012


Online Activity:


OER Reuse

Open and Flexible Learning

Open Education at the UAL discussion groups meetings

Practice based accreditation tool

Twitter -!/ProcessArtsUAL

Facebook -

Scoopit -



Proposal BBC/arts council The Space - expression of interest - The video remix space. The ‘video remix space’ (VRS) explores the creative and educational potential, challenges, limitations and benefits of repurposing open online video content. (Bid unsuccessful)

JISC OER rapid innovation bid proposal FAST OER (Bid unsuccessful) possible future ollaborations opportunities and contacts made with OCA, BUFVC and OU as a result

UAL bid proposal awaiting confirmation (A new UAL Drupal free and open source web development community of practice)

Supported JISC successful proposal, CPDF Open Academic Practice Unit, to the Open Educational Resources Programme, Phase 3, PG Cert Development Strand. Supporting UAL in this development.

Open Education at the UAL discussion groups meetings

Nie, Ming OER interview for research

Currently exploring UAL Stanley Kubrick NAM and SP-ARK OER archive collaborations. is currently being explored by UAL as a potential official service for OER rich media content communities.

Reuse of process.arts site code is being explored fo the NAM archive projects at UAL

Process.arts is being used to pilot UKOER ALTO UK project, three arts colleges outside UAL

Other arts colleges are interested in piloting copies of the drupal process.arts platform in their own institutions.

Early OER collaboration with Northern art colleges HE and FE through ALTO UK, colleges will be sharing work on

OER and open practice integration of the DIAL digital integration into arts learning project

Introduction of project groups on to encourage resources and collaboration



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