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SCORE - Introduction to OER podcasts

Introduction to Open Educational Resources

SCORE - Introduction to OER, I attended this seminar at the Open University site in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom on 25/01/2011 it was aimed at educators who would like to find out about the fundamental concepts of open educational resources (OER). Speakers are specialists in their fields and bring a wealth of experience for you to draw on, below are the podcast of the whole day, all sessions, released by the OU on their podcast site, the podcast includes the Q&As I have highlighted the Arts related ones in each post asked by :

PODCAST LINK 1 - OER usage & issues - Andy Lane SLIDES LINK

Q&As to note - Institutional change - 91.50

PODCAST LINK 2 - Finding & evaluating OER - Non Scantlebury SLIDES LINK

Q&As timecodes to note - Lucy Renton – 35.44 – 52.34 (discipline specificity/student engagement) Non Scantlebury - 55.30 (Collections creative use and constructive partnerships) Renton – 59.45 ‘content is retrograde’ Arts do team teaching already.

PODCAST LINK 3 - Characteristics of OER, licences & rights - Bernie Attwell SLIDES LINK

PODCAST LINK 4 - OER projects, programmes & initiatives in the UK & internationally - Andy Lane SLIDES LINK

Q&As to note - 65.55 - OER qualifications, credits and Certification


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