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SEE Curriculum Development Funded Project: Look At The (E)state We're In (LATEWI)

Conceived as a 'live teaching' experiment and 100% developed and delivered by students from Camberwell, Chelsea, and Wimbledon Colleges, Look At The (E)state We're In (LATEWI) was a research project exploring the debates around art on council estates and in the community. Culminating as a symposia, live art and film screening event on May 28-29 2015 in Peckham; it will soon be followed by a publication and short documentary film.

Supported by the University of the Arts London's CCW Graduate School and Student Enterprise and Employability Curriculum Development Programme, in partnership with Peckham Platform and Live Arts Development Agency, students involved in the LATEWI project gained hands on professional experience to prepare them for their chosen careers after graduation. Whether contributing as 'self-employed' freelance designersfilmmakersphotographersartists, or writers, or taking involved 'managerial' roles as curators, arts administrators, education and outreach leaders, or specialist technicians, LATEWI offered CCW students the opportunity to 'learn through doing' -- by producing and co-authoring a research project which not only showcases the project's themes of social engagement, but also CCW students' very innovative, capable, and motivated approach to being future leaders in the UK culture industry. 

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