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Slides from Online Collaborative Practice & WebMaking MA Discussion

Slides from an enjoyable afternoon talking 'Online Collaborative Practice & WebMaking' @ChelseaUAL including a carful blend of Yosser Hughes & Visitors and Residents

1. Online Collaborative Practice & WebMaking Chris Follows CCW Digital Learning Manager UAL @CCWDigital CCWDigital 2nd May 2017

2. Gis' A Job What are your motivations, and why? What’s your current practice online? What are the barriers?

3. Making the most of what support is out there

4. On-site college support

5. Lots of resources online

6. Learn Together

7. On & offline communities

8. “I’ve learnt more about how to involve the public in highly technological environments”

9. “I was able to challenge my Ideas” ”Curious to see how I could locate my practice in the new digital era”

10. ”Intense learning experience” Visibility & Social Media Interest


12. Beyond a website


14. #artsDMC Digital Making Unconference Southwark Room @TateExchange 17 & 19 May 2017

15. Thank You For Listening Twitter: @CCWDigital & @UAL Instagram: CCWDigital #artsDMC

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