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Slides for Open Online Communities of Interest OCWC Global 14

Please see slides from the OCW Consortium Global Conference dissemination track below and also see HTML5 interactive version here DIAL – Developing digital literacies for Practice Based Massive Open Online Communities of Interest - read more

Video recordings, slides, papers and video journal of #ocwcglobal sessions are/will be available online here soon 

We had lots of great feedback at the conference and also some top tweets:

Antony Coombs ‏@TELGreenwich  18h keen to see where the UAL Bring Your Own Environment community of interest travels #ocwcglobal @ProcessArtsUAL @DIALProject
Peter Bryant @PeterBryantHE Overcoming the fears of hearing, listening and supporting student engagement. Well done @ualcltad #OCWCGLOBAL

DIAL reflected on the CLTAD & JISC project work of DIAL 2011 - 2013.  There will also be a discussion on the new UAL DIAL 2014 projects and activities and other examples of adapting the DIAL developing digital literacies model to support general approaches to online learning. See more here about the DIAL presentation - 2014 OCWC conference schedule and see full abstract attached.

About the OCW Consortium Conference

This year’s conference took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 23-25 April 2014. The conference’s theme, “Open Education for a Multicultural World”, will explore the international dimensions of open education, its diverse projects, new research, policy dimensions and impacts on teaching and learning.

The OCW Consortium global conference is the annual opportunity for researchers, practitioners, policy makers and educators to deeply explore open education and its impact on global education.  Conference participants will hear from global thought leaders in open education and have the opportunity to share ideas, practices and discuss issues important to the future of education worldwide.  Sessions cover new developments in open education, research results, innovative technology, policy implementation, best practices and practical solutions to challenges facing education around the world. Read more here.

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