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Slipcasting tutorial (virtual editing experiment)

See video

Final edit of a three stage virtual editing experiment, how to co-edit a learning video without being in the same room as the video editor.

Please see this video tutorial ( which demonstrates a really low tech, quick demonstration/example/experiment of how an editor and a content producer could save time and edit together without having to be in the same space, leaving them to do what they do best in their own time, sustainable collaborative reuse example for the OER and OEP community.

Slipcasting RAW EDIT (footage) -

Here's the edit info points I received from Manda Cut 00 - 3.24 and then cut 4.58 - 6.12 (I have created a Slipcasting 2nd edit video see link below) we still need to edit the end section Manda is reviewing this now.I've been editing in YouTube and we also need to add some more video. Once all this editing has been agreed I will go back to my original RAW EDIT on Final cut pro and edit together the final full quality video and post as final.

Slipcasting 2nd edit -

these are the next cuts to happen

4.50 - 5.11 6.30 - 6.52 8.44 - 8.54 cut (and this is where you will add in the emptying of the mould for future reference) 10.06-10.14 cut

Slipcasting 3nd edit -

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