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Sound and Story

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If we start with an example from “Watch Me Move”: Zbigniew Rybczynski's Film TANGO (1980)-  [artist Richard Wilson used it as an example of a film that has influenced his work..]
where can we go from there?

What is the film made of?
A Dance Track and A Series of Repeated Gestures..
What he shows us is how much can happen – how many stories we can make – from a very few ingredients..

Rybczcynski uses a DANCE TRACK...which takes us into a certain mood, uses our expectations, our knowledge...
He uses it to STRUCTURE his film: each character has one movement-sequence..
The music REPEATS – and the characters repeat their actions, over and over..
The whole film is choreographed like a dance sequence of very simple, repeated actions..

Thinking about this...Another example of sound and repeated gestures, to build a very different mood: 'THE BIG SHAVE', Martin Scorcese, 1967 -

This is Scorcese's first short feature – made while he was still at film school, very low-budget – and using very economical means..
The track he uses: “I can't get started with you” - 1939, performed by Bunny Berigan and Orchestra – big band dance number..

A thought to take away from this session: Why use repetition?...of music, of movement..

It makes for makes for tragedy – or violence

And it's used in choreography.. which takes us back to  Zbigniew's TANGO – look at the work of choreographer Pina Bausch

Other Recommended Viewing: Martin Scorcese: Mean Streets,1974, US
Kill Bill 2; Tarantino, 2004 (also – from reservoir Dogs)
Itchy and Scratchy (The Simpsons)..any episode..

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