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A film by Sally Potter
With interactive Q&A live by satellite
Thursday, September 24, 2009

The worlds first interactive multi-cinema film premiere.

Defying the usual conventions of film, RAGE is the new cinematic creation from writer-director Sally Potter. Using a radical narrative structure focused entirely on individual performances, RAGE a dynamic series of interviews, as if shot by a schoolboy on his mobile phone, behind the scenes of a New York fashion show during a dramatic week.

Fourteen characters each have a role in the show, from the designer (Simon Abkarian) and his models (Lily Cole and Jude Law), the fashion critic (Judi Dench) and photographer (Steve Buscemi), to the financier (Eddie Izzard) and his bodyguard (John Leguizamo).

The radical style of RAGE is embraced in its unique distribution strategy.
The premiere will be broadcast live by satellite from the BFI Southbank to other UK cinemas. You can be part of the satellite broadcast of the Q&A after the film, sending your questions by Skype video and SMS direct from your cinema live to Sally and members of the RAGE cast.

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