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Speaking Out as a Creative: Alison James

Alison James, Head of Teaching and Learning, London College of Fashion, shares her tips on presentation confidence and skills.

From the event Speaking Out as a Creative: presentation skills made easy on June 21 2011 at the University of the Arts London.

Does the idea of speaking in front of an audience make you nervous? Or would you just like to find out how to make an amazing impression with your presentation?

Speaking Out as a Creative aims to help students and graduates, or anyone starting out in the creative industries, get more comfortable and confident with public speaking and presentations.

Whether you need to impress a panel at an interview, speak in meetings or class, pitch your work or make a presentation in front of an audience, our practical talks will put you in the right direction for creating the best career opportunities.

Three speakers share their experiences and share essential tips to help equip you with the skills you need, and you can ask them questions.

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