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Stretching the Limits of Time

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Stretching the Limits of Time: MA Critical Essay supervision

Research Question:
Within the severe limitations of the provision of one half hour tutorial for the MA Critical Essay at Camberwell, how can I ensure the work the students submit is of a suitable academic standard for post-graduate level? How can this work be improved? How can I ensure that the students feel that the project was worth their attention and effort and had meaning in their MA course?

How can I best use this very limited tutorial time to support and improve the students’ work?
I have a serious concern regarding the allocation of time for tutorials. The provision is such that they get 1 x 30 minute tutorial as their total supervision for the Critical Essay. This tutorial takes place at the stage when they have an outline and before they have written a draft. In relation to this tutorial time, I have ideas about the future possibilities for the better use of this limited allowance of tutorial time for the essay.


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