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Summary, video and images from DIALOGUE 02 CCW Digital Enhancement staff development day

A great turn out at the DIALOGUE 02 event yesterday (22/04/2015), we saw a nice mix of academic, technical, research & central services staff from across all UAL colleges as well as student representatives.

We were really please to also be joined by the Tate on Khan Academy team as well as Patricia Charlton from Creative Digital Solutions part of the BBC Make It Digital initiative.

We kicked off with a presentation (see slides) followed by group discussions around topics such as digital skills, online learning and digital MakerSpaces, we then held a session which encouraged informal group discussions, sharing projects & practice.

The feedback from the first focus group session ‘Online Learning’ was very positive, the groups could have talked together a lot longer but time was in short supply.

Feedback from groups regarding Online Learning included:

  • Online Learning quickly becoming part of everyday learning and more so over the next 5 years and we need to make sure we are fully engaged and aware so we can all influence change together.
  • Great potential for change developing new pedagogic practice and personal professional development.
  • We need to rethink or move away from some of the existing instructionally managed tools as some view these as holding back innovation.
  • Staff are keen to explore change and new possibilities but remain cautious, staff want to be part of change and influence new developments rather than change being imposed or mandated on them.
  • Staff would like to find there own way of navigating these new landscapes, but would welcome support and guidance.
  • We’re all in a strange place at the moment where we are straddling two worlds the no/low tech & high tech worlds.
  • We need to work on and explore approaches and relationships between face-to-face and virtual learning.
  • Develop the practice of online learning: staff being able to create the experiences and help students make the most of what online learning is
  • Staff & students need to be working together a lot more in developing online practices, we all need to support each other.

Below are some Padlet summaries from our group discussion facilitators:

The second focus group discussion was around developing digital skills, again there were lots of debate around a identifying specific needs of individuals and groups and to develop learning networks and communities, peer support where student and staff developing new skills together. You can see all the Padlets summaries from the Developing Digital Skills session here

The third focus group 'Digital MakerSpaces' was carried over into the informal group discussions, sharing projects & practice session, below are some images and video of this session & a Padlet to add your 'Post event responses about MakerSpaces'.

Short video of the informal group discussions, featuring the brilliant fan sculpture by Will Waterhouse of Wimbledon College of the Arts. Natasha Bonnelame & Camille Gajewski from the Tate on Khan Academy team taking with UAL staff & students

Will Waterhouse and Grzesiek Sedek CCW technicians Examples of how traditional artist workshop 3d making skills and new tech, arduino can be used in arts practice.

Dr Patricia Charlton Creative Digital Solutions with a demo of the microbit being used in schools as part of the BBC Make It Digital work.

Thanasis Velios talking about Open source software and the monopoly of commercial creative software (Adobe) in UAL

Ollie Furlong Sharing experiences of integrating ‘live capture’ & video streaming into learning & Teaching at London College of Fashion (LCF)

Isabella Tasseff-Elenkoff Using the IPad in workshop environments as an archival tool and a research tool, lazer cutting and ceramics studio collaborations.

Ashleigh Pearson & Ameet Hindocha talking about their cross-disciplinary approach to teaching FE art foundation students

Paul Thrippleton Discussions around staff development and using online learning environments for skills development. OD&L

Marie Kelly & Lucy Wright Chance to find out about the new Office 365 coming to all staff & students from June. OD&L

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