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Survey results

We presented on the DIAL project at our Library Services staff conference on 21st September, and asked Library Staff for their support in filling in a brief survey. We asked about their use of various digital tools. We had 52 replies, and the results were:

Heard of, would like to know more

Presentation tools (28)

Using OER (25)

IPR issues (25)

Already confident users

Social media (31)

Blogging (25)

Sharing documents (19)

Priority areas for skills development

Web based tools for managing references (17)

Using OER (14)

IPR issues (12)

This will help us with deciding on our first few things.

In terms of preferred learning approaches 16 preferred 1-1 sessions, 27 small group/workshop sessions and 24 preferred online tutorials. (More than one option could be selected)

Something of a straw poll, but a very useful exercise. 

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