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Talking about employability stats

Let’s talk about employability stats A staff workshop to look at DLHE data (Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education).

Intro: The importance and usability of DLHE stats was discussed at University of the Arts London during two workshops in December 2015. Below is a summary and some feedback.

What was it?  Two staff development workshops were open to UAL staff who needed to understand the DLHE statistics: what they are, what they mean, why they are important and the relationship between these statistics and the curriculum. There were two workshops: one at Central Saint Martins and the other at Chelsea College of Arts.

Who attended? Course leaders, academic support staff and teaching staff attended these informative sessions and learned to log in to DLHE and use the tools. The workshops were oganised by Cath Caldwell and Katrine Hjelde, Academic Coordinators for Student Enterprise and Employability (SEE).


Event Outline:

A short overview of the DLHE content (for example: starting salaries for UG and PG, gender differences, and jobs for international and BAME graduates,) was given by Ismaril Wells, Assistant Director of SEE. 



·      To understand the DLHE stats at course and college level and within the broader context of HE.

·      To be able to log in and use the stats towards curriculum and course development.

·      To discuss and understand the relationship between the stats and the curriculum.


Feedback from the event

‘The DHLE workshop today was really good, we had full house – ie. all 20 who signed up turned up  and thank you so much Ismaril for a really fantastic  presentation with great facilitating  questions. The presentation was really very well paced and engaging, which made it possible for us all to understand the data and how to access  the data. We had good engagement and discussions. There was particular interest in data relating to international students and post-graduate students.   Staff came from across the different colleges at UAL – and we also had a student union contingency present.’  

Katrine Hjelde Academic Coordinator (SEE) from CCW

‘The training session was informal yet very informative.  The trainer was able to answer all of the many questions asked about the data and the software.’

Chris Kiely Administrator, Learning and Teaching

‘I have looked at the DLHE stats since and will do with GCD and PCID as they start on their Review preparations.’
Amanda Bright Associate Dean: Academic Development and Enhancement, Central Saint Martins

‘The presenter Ismaril Wells kept the pace very even so that people could take in the complexity of the data. Many of those attending at CSM were interested in the WP and BAME figures and wanted to extract some detailed figures that were not really available.’  Cath Caldwell Academic Coordinator (SEE) at CSM


‘The workshop was really interesting and really raised my awareness of the DHLE data and how well UAL does in terms of employment. It was also a useful view on benchmarking the statistics against gender and ethnicity.  I feel there is a serious need to communicate the DHLE data, especially for those involved with course development and delivery.’ Attendee from CCW

‘I would like to know more about the types of employment secured and to map this year on year to see how this changes and how the knowledge and skills now needed in different roles map to our curricula.  

For example being entrepreneurial and being a confident presenter may now be as, or even more important than (for example) particular subject knowledge or skill.’ Attendee from CSM

For more details contact or Katrine Hjelde if you want to know more.


SEE Stories behind the stats:


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