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Talking Tours: Enterprise and Employability at CSM

Talking Tours were a pilot series of tours around some of the exhibiting courses at the second degree show at Central Saint Martins in June 2014.

These 45 minute tours offered colleagues from across CSM a great chance to hear how different disciplines incorporate enterprise and employability into their practice.  Key staff from the exhibiting courses were able to approach enterprise and employability by simply talking about the elements in their graduates’ practice that were informed or shaped by curricular e&e activities.

The tours aimed to bring to the surface implicit curriculum activities to help us learn about the differences between creative programmes, and seek potential future collaborations.

The video features six Course Leaders who led the tours of the Graphic Design, Product Design, Textile Design, Performance Design and Practice, Jewellery Design, and Culture, Criticism and Curation exhibitions.  They tackled an array of questions, including:

  • What is your approach to enterprise and employability on your course? What enables this approach to work?
  • How are your students employable or enterprising?
  • How does your course prepare students to leave with a flexible and adaptable attribute to their careers?
  • Which aspects of your course have given your students the life skills to thrive in their future careers?
  • What are the most important attributes graduating students will need in their future careers?
  • What career paths do you expect your students to go into?
  • Have there been any significant changes or shifts in your discipline in the recent past? What will students need to equip themselves to deal with this?
  • What is the one tip you would give to graduating students for their future career/professional development?

Interviews with some of the Course Leaders who led the tours can be found here:

Taking about e&e with…Caroline Broadhead:

Taking about e&e with…Caroline Dakers:

Taking about e&e with…Anne Marr:

Taking about e&e with…Michael Spencer:

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