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TDP Can online learning resources support practical workshops and students recollection of technical skills?


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This research looks into whether online learning resources can support practical workshops, and students recollection of technical skills. Action is first taken by making students aware of the resources available to them, and then by surveying students confidence levels in their technical ability right after a technical workshop and weeks later. The research was conducted to find out if there is a correlation with students confidence levels and their use of the online learning resources. Students that used the online learning resources reported to feeling much more confident in their technical ability weeks after the workshop, whereas majority of the students that had not used the online learning resources felt ‘not confident at all’. 

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Thank you, Yes the more accessible the better and if you can generate a natural community based on interest around the subject (beyond the captive audience of students) that would be a good example of impact on the open web.

It is tricky to evaluate OER, I explored some of these issues in this SCORE report, for me putting stuff online and then receiving some contact or possible collaboration with people you would have never connected with unless you did what you did is a good measure of success. This has happened a few times for me and has led to some long term collaboration partnerships.

Hits and comments on posts are not easy to generate but sometimes they can be great for evaluating impact - here's a post that received the most comments on process.arts as example. - 

I find twitter good also for sharing and getting a reaction to a post.

I guess building an open online presence that reflects your specialism and expertise or advances your research ideas or that helps connect to others can really only be a good thing over time.

Thanks Chris

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Hi Chris, 

I made an iTunesU app last year as part of an OEP unit for which I originally created most of the learning resources I have now put on Moodle. iTunes U wasn't very accessible so I have been in search for a better open platform since, perhaps a blog might be something to consider. I really love using Moodle to support my own workshops.

I wonder how one might start the process of evaluating the impact of all the different resources on the open web, it sounds interesting but might be challenging. Getting my own students to answer some follow up questions for my research was much harder than I thought..

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Great to see an example of online learning resources in Moodle ! Have you considered sharing/duplicating your resources openly on the web with a wider audience like in a blog in process.arts like these, be good to evaluate the different kind of impact these great resources have on the open web ? - 

Lovely video by the way !

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