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Can a triangulation of assessment methods help me to identify specific pedagogic needs for an intercultural student environment and myself in order to improve my practice at the London College of Fashion?

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Its possible to add large and long videos to process.arts - if you need to compress I find this free tool really useful - 

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yeah I am hoping to add more videos ideally but having trouble with file sizes. Iff I can manage to make small enough files then I think it will really transform the resource. Otherwise I will resort to more audio and encourage discussion more. `i would be happy to share my experiences, and talk to groups about what I have done, and my problems.

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App loaded and looks great, will you be adding more media/video elements/tutorials and also distribute these online? The photography dept. at Camberwell may make a good collaboration ? -

Be good to learn about how you created the app. Thanks

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Fantastic thank you, will give it a go and let you know how i get on.

I'd be really interested in how you went about creating a bespoke App and some details about the App itself, if you have time, we're trying to share experience in digital arts learning, teaching & practice, with students, staff & the creative industries. So if you get chance to quickly share your experience of App development that would be brilliant - see details here -

Many thanks


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Hi Chris, thanks very much for your feedback!! yes I have the link

You need to download the app first. When you put the link in your mobile device it will take you to the iTunesU App and if it shows blank then click the catalog button on top left, (+) and then it will appear to enrol on it hopefully, although some people have had problems. It's is not 100% complete, but i am working on this and hopefully will be done soon.


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Brilliant video thank you. Sounds like a great intervention, it would be good to see the app resource you've produced, have you a link please?