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Some interesting comments here, I think if we can get over the fear of 'digital' or online resources as being seen as replacing the face to face and see them for what what they are 'online resources (content)' and not seen as distance learning. Without the knowledge, interaction and ability to turn that content into a valuable learning experience then its just content, some people can do this and some cant. Personably the reason I don't do online courses or are attracted to distance courses such as open university style courses is because I prefer a combination of face to face and self directed, get the best of both worlds - this is good summary - - Theres some interesting feedback fro these surveys may be useful -

Have you thought about allowing others to share your resource? Please see this post about creative commons -

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Thanks for the video. would be good to see the text in the posts - struggle reading in the video (dyslexia)

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