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Tech Resources pro-formas for Chelsea College of Art

Chelsea College of Art staff please complete a pro-forma for each digital resource you require tech sessions for, (so we can get these agreed with the relevant specialist tech).

How to book digital technical resources teaching sessions & quick Links:

  1. MEET or TALK with technician (in person or email/phone) to arrange content and dates for your requirements.  
  2. DOWNLOAD and complete (digitally) this PRO-FORMA BLANK TEMPLATE Download pro-forma here
  3. SEE EXAMPLE PRO-FORMA: pro-forma example (how an Induction pro-forma may look)
  4. EMAIL your completed pro-forma to the technical coordinator - TC will process and add Ref number and seek final confirmation from Technician. If approved the technician will send email confirmation to TC and you the tutor.
  5. VIEW PROGRESS OF ALL SUBMITTED: Pro-Forma browser (list/details of current planed pro-formas sessions to date)
  6. FINAL AGREED AND SIGNED PRO-FORMAS: Folder of pro-forma docs

Useful links:

  • Pro-forma info on MOODLE (need to login to MOODLE to view): here
  • Pro-forma info on process.arts (no need to login to view): here

Please include separate pro-formas for all different sessions, dates and resources to save confusion. Please see a pro-forma example of how an Induction pro-forma may look, this allows 45 min per sessions and time to change over between each session, timings would have been agreed by the tech.

  • We would like to have as much detail as possible on each pro-forma to save confusion, so if each session is split into sessions of 20 or 15 students for example, could you please list the number of students, there group (as they will be sent) and the times for each session.
  • Please complete a separate pro-forma for the all different activities and days, you should have agreed numbers and timings with the specialist tecs prior to filling out the pro-forma, each session will be different length, e.g orientation is shorter than an Induction ?
  • We need this detail so the Specialist Techs know who is coming, in which groups, how many and when, this info will also be shared with the team co-ordinating the student calendars and will save them casing us all up for more details   

DOWNLOAD PRO_FORMA TEMPLATE - Download pro-forma here

VIEW Pro-Forma browser (Please see the list/details of currently booked orientations and Inductions to date)

Please send your pro-forma bookings for digital resources to the technical coordinator using this - Download pro-forma here for all the below resources:

  • Digital print
  • Print finishing 
  • Video and audio editing studio
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design (outside David's agreed block course bookings)
  • 3D design

Pro-Forma Browser

See all Pro-Forma browser to see what sessions have been booked to date.

Also see folder of agreed signed proforma docs: Folder of pro-forma docs

If your requests are not in both of these docs your request will not have been agreed and booked.  

Pro-formas are only shown on the Pro-Forma browser as agreed when the the specialist technician has emailed confirmation to the tutor and Technical Coordinator (TC) that the sessions are ok to be booked into the course programme.

The sessions will then be notified as AGREED (in green) and a copy of the AGREED pro-forma will be uploaded to the list which will include:
  • Our Ref number (TC will add this and the below and upload, number ending with a D)
  • Technical Coordinator signature
  • And a time stamp of Techs email, when it was agreed.
Please double check your sessions regularly and let me know if anything that looks incorrect.
Visit MOODLE pro-forma info for more detailed information about the pro-forma
View all the above info on MOODLE here
View and share all the above info also on process.arts here

NOTE: Orientations October 2013 DETAILS

  • All orientations will be 15 mins and 20 students per session, some may be shorter, alow time for change over.
  • It's important to remind students these are orientations (what, where, and when) inductions will still be required for studio activities and processes.
  • Look forward to receiving your pro formas, these dates will need to be agreed by all relevant technical staff, we will respond and confirm as quickly as possible.
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