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Things unlimited project overview

UAL’s Digital Integration into Arts Learning (DIAL) project aims to carry out a small number of staff and student led projects and case studies, which will explore the pace of technological change and its impact on the day-to-day practices. Read more.


Things unlimited

College & Subject Central services - Library Services 
Project overview

The 'Things unlimited' project focuses on digital information literacy, addressing this initially through a process of discussion and confidence building with Library Services staff. From the outset of the DIAL project it seemed a good opportunity for Library Services to engage with other University staff in discussions around digital literacy, and to look at means of developing our own skills.

This will in turn have foreseen and currently unforeseen benefits in terms of Library Services staff engaging with their own practice in supporting and developing these skills with students and in engaging in a broader community of professional practice in the University.

Stakeholders Library Services staff
Project Team

Project Leader Jessica Crilly

The project was initiated by David Bracegirdle and Jess Crilly, and more recently Karen Ellis Rees.

DIAL | Chris Follows; Rossella Emanuele‎; Kaye Pryce

Project updates

DIAL things update for SMT 

Library Services things Unlimited update for DIAL draft final report

Project blog updates

Project resources


Related projects & activities

Library Services is currently carrying out a Development Needs Assessment, to inform future staff development provision:  that information can help feed into developments with Things Unlimited, as well as the resource contributing to solutions.


Feedback from the LILAC Conference

We presented on the DIAL project at our Library Services staff conference on 21st September 2012

CHALLENGE:  We had some initial challenge getting a dialogue going on process.arts, with library staff about their views on digital information literacy, not sure why, possibly the forum was just new and unfamiliar, or perhaps too public for an exploratory conversation – not sure.

SOLUTION: We overcame this to some extent by conducting a survey at the Library Services conference in September, which we got good results from.

CHALLENGE: One of the biggest challenges has been the time available from the project leaders: managing this project is additional to very busy roles, so it has been a case of doing a burst of work when time allows, a bit stop-start.

SOLUTION: However we have hung in there. Chris’s support and enthusiasm has been really important.


The Project leader Jessica Crilly states: 

"For me personally, it has been challenging, but at the same time very useful, to learn new skills and ways of working, e.g. contributing to process.arts, learning how to use LibGuides software etc. , less challenging for other people already familiar with these tools - also becoming more used to working in an open environment. We are effectively developing an OER, which has been a learning curve.

It has been enormously helpful to have support from Rossella and Kaye – having someone to ask for support, or who has the skills we need is vital, as quite small issues can really slow you down when you are short of time. Support on methodology from Duna Sabri has also been important – and will be going forward to the next stage, as we are getting feedback on our first resources".

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