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Tools for shared OER (Open educational resource) video editing

At the Broadcast Video Expo at Earl’s Court few months ago, Trams gave a Final Cut server demo, I had been thinking about ways of making best practical use of art and design OER (Open educational resource) video content and how to share and co-edit resources across institutions and the sector
I would like to explore the in's and out's of setting up an open Server and co-editing environment for shared storage, use, re-purpose and publishing of art and design video learning and teaching video resources for the six colleges of UAL and to be opened to other external HEIs in the future.

This resesrch will form part of my ALTO project development and my Open University SCORE fellowsip research 'Exploring best practice in the collaborative use of OER rich media resources in art & design practice based-learning & teaching' read more here.

I will post updates on our progress here, please add comments below, you don't need to log-in to comment but comments are moderated so will display when cleared. If you have a UAL log-in you can log-in and comment direct.

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