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UAL Digital Jam at the Technical Staff Conference 2015

UAL Tech Jam University of the Arts London Technical Staff Conference 2015 in the Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden on 14th December.

Industry Guests:

  • App user testing with a  Gravity Sketch new 3D drawing ipad app for 3D printing & virtual reality using Oculus Rift with (Daniela Paredes, Lorea Arano and Oluwaseyi Sosanya)
  • Introducing the Opendesk: Open Making and Open Desk for Shopbot CNC machines, a different approach to design furniture, designed to be downloaded and made locally. (Hugh Lyons + 1)  

Chelsea ISD Students:

  • A student led technology project called PlanEt (Plants as Sensors) exploring Open source devices, Apps and DATA visualization by Chelsea Students with (Cyril Shing (course leader) and Yinuo Wu, Weiqi Shao, Han Mao, Yotaro Suzuki, Pinyu Chen, Hauling Wang, Anna Baliant) 

UAL Staff:

  • Microsoft Kinect for Xbox One linked (via Synapse) to Ableton Live (João Alves Marrucho from CSM)
  • The fucking stupid hat project: a hat that responds to your thoughts by translating brain waves into movement through Bio and Neuro feedback. What could passably go wrong (William waterhouse and Grzesiek Sedek from WCA)
  • Create through Touch: Capture, edit and create content using mobile devices and apps. A series of demonstrations of new creative apps that are designed to bring desktop content creation to your fingertips.(Marco Eastwood from LCC)
  • Pop Up Digital Maker Space: find out more about CCW staff & student collaboration project around creating a ‘Pop Up Digital Maker Space’ please come and chat with Chris Follows at the Tech Jam
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