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UAL Futures at Chelsea Jam: Co-designing a Digital Creative Toolkit for UAL

UAL Futures is an initiative exploring ways to support digital skills and creativity across University of the Arts London. 

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What is your session: exhibit/workshop

What is your session title: Co-designing a Digital Creative Toolkit for UAL

What is your session about: UAL Futures invite students, staff, alumni and employers to respond to the challenge of developing products, services and experiences that inspire UAL students and graduates to become natural innovators and collaborators in the digital space. Join us to learn more about our co-design project and take part in a journey mapping exercise to explore how we access and apply technology in our creative practice.  

Time: All day with journey mapping workshops at 12, 1 and 2pm. 

What you'd like to gain from the day: We'd like many more people to have fed into the co-design process. 

Twitter name or other open social networks: @ualfutures


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More event details: here

Please come and join us for a digital making community building event (open to the public) at Chelsea College of the arts on May 13th.

Meet specialist makers, learn about digital making & MakerSpaces at CCW MakerSpace day: 'Chelsea Jam' aims to bring together staff, students and MakerSpaces from across London & UK to share perspectives on digital making within the arts with an aim of establishing a new 'arts digital making community'.

Please come and join us and encourage others along for:

CCW Digital MakerSpace Day: Chelsea Jam on 13th May in the Banquetting Hall at Chelsea College. 

The event is open to all staff and students and are encouraged to drop-in anytime between 11am - 4pm (FabLab presentation start at 1pm).

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