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UAL IP Policy Workshop

UAL is beginning a project to redevelop our Intellectual Property strategy and policy. At UAL we create, research, educate, make and invent; in the context of a globally connected digital environment our intellectual property is a key asset for the future.

IPR events will be running until January 2014, this process will be documented by the UAL IP Project Manager Gill Henderson through regular blog posts. This online interactive platform will keep you up to date by summarising the key points and issues raised at the various workshops taking place this Spring. It will also allow for the discussions to continue online by giving readers the opportunity to leave feedback and comments. See the first blog post here>>

Running January 2013 to January 2014, this project will reflect the views of all staff. Staff are invited to a workshop on 28 February, designed to be open and consultative to enable a wide range of voices to be heard, to expose key issues and themes that can be absorbed to forge the foundations of UAL’s new IP Policy. The workshop will include an introduction to intellectual property and what it means for UAL, a talk from an expert industry speaker and interactive elements. Book your place.

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