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The Underground Curriculum

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The Underground Curriculum is an education system running parallel to the conventional system. It is a network, resource, and series of workshops, projects, field trips, discussions, meetings, social gatherings and general educational experiences. Challenging hierarchy, oppression, credentialism, professionalization of knowledge, homogenization processes, colonialism, corporatization, and capitalism, the UC is based on true democratic principals, equity, and individual and group empowerment. It explores alternatives to mainstream education pedagogies, practices and systems.
Where conventional school imposes government curriculum on diverse populations, peoples and cultures implementing a homogenizing effect on the global world, the UC becomes a resource for students to collaborate together and create the curriculum, experiences and lessons they want to learn and ultimately actively negotiate the configuration of society. It is an open medium that is collaborative and exploratory with the wider community and exists in the belief that education IS everywhere. The UC cannot provide anything its participants don’t already possess, its strength is its realization in the power of people(individuals and communities). Once you realize that power the UC is just another resource.
The UC is free to participate in, open to EVERYONE (all ages, identities and ideas), as accessible as we can possibly make it, anti-oppressive, nonhierarchical and nondiscriminatory.
Even if you only partially resonate with this we encourage you to come out as we are an inclusive space, and really friendly. Really we’re not that intimidating so check us out.
What the UC is trying to accomplish:
The UC is a grassroots education system that explicitly enables people to take ownership of their learning experiences. The UC does this by providing a framework for people to network, host workshops and take on meaningful projects in their community.
Authenticity the UC strives to achieve and be explicit in:
To create strong relationships with each other to learn and deepen our understanding of education and the world.
To empower people(communities and individuals) in their education experiences.
To foster anti-oppressive behaviour and anti-oppressive analysis of schools which happens by: challenging hierarchy and other forms of dominance, and critically examining how hierarchy and other forms of dominance are used in the Education System.
To run a horizontal collective equally created by its participants.
To challenge education convention in practice.
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