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Unita Chandan and Anna Lottersberger video recording

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Investigating Consumer Perception of Western Retail Models in Bangalore, India: An Explorative Study on Concept Stores
Unita Chandan and Anna Lottersberger
The purpose of this study is to investigate the attributes influencing the attractiveness of a Concept Store combining a Bar in a Boutique, in the city of Bangalore. Bangalore is a key shopping destination and the “Pub Capital” of India. It is ranked as the second most affluent city in India based on lifestyle and consumption patterns. Charmed by modernity, today’s Indian consumers welcome innovation, creativity and unconventionality. Western retail concepts, such as Shopping Malls and Luxury Brand Flagship Stores, have been successfully adapted and introduced to the Indian market and new opportunities are unfolding for the retail sector as well as for a further development of the social drinking culture. Thus, this research examines the opportunity of launching the western model of the hybrid Boutiques in this constantly evolving context. Hence, the study explores the perception and the potential reception of the particular retail format of a Boutique-Bar in Bangalore. A quantitative research method was used in this study. A survey was administered to a population sample of female respondents, aged over 21, with above average disposable income. A majority of the respondents gave a positive response towards the distinct marketing-mix of the Boutique-Bar, especially concerning the product, the price and the place strategy. Also, most of them agreed that the above original elements are significant drivers to appreciate this destination over the existing options. As it was expected, the successful western concept could emerge as a unique and valuable shopping experience also in Bangalore. However, further research also based on psychographic factors of the target audience might further elaborate on consumer behaviour.
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