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using Motion during a live feed> Possible?

I am thinking of using a live feed and then having the package Motion apply 'particles' on the screen so that animated 'things' appear on the images from the live feed.

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Have a look at -

You can download a trial version to use during the show, can do live chroma keying which could be useful ?

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Hi, I've been looking around for an easy FREE solution the closest I got was a free piece of software for MAC called 'CamTwist' ........Download for free on a Mac ....choose tools from the top menu and choose Studio from the drop down. I manged to have live video feed and managed to add and manipulate still images or animated graphics over the live video, we can dual screen the Mac so one display shows the 'program' and the other you can control the animation - this software is for live video streeming normally but could us it for a live installation. Downside it tends to crash, will need to use a more powerful computer.

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I'm not sure Motion would take a 'live feed' try MX/msp:

this will take a live feed and then you could add a particle node in.

Hope this helps