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Using video for messages, information and personal tutorials


UAL’s Digital Integration into Arts Learning (DIAL) project aims to carry out a small number of staff and student led projects and case studies, which will explore the pace of technological change and its impact on the day-to-day practices. Read more.


Using video for messages, information & personal tutorials

College & Subject Performance Design and Practice course/subject area at Central Saint Martins
Project overview

CSM course director exploring the possibility of filming himself giving messages/information to students on the course – kind of ‘v-mailing’. Tutor sends important messages via email and increasingly find students suffering from email overload – not reading them. This can be very damaging to the students and the course. The idea of filming my messages actually came from students at a recent forum.

In addition and linked to this, I want to explore ways of filming scheduled Personal Tutorials a) because the written form is a hopelessly inadequate record for students and b) to still provide evidence for monitoring processes


Evidence that students actually get the messages  – and so communication issue is improved (see above).

Secondly, feedback that students have access to a better, more appropriate record of their Personal Tutorial, than a completed form – again this could be useful for other courses.


I will be sending messages/holding personal tutorials anyway over the year so the pilot could be tested/feedback gathered by Nov ‘13.


120 current BA PDP students

Project Team

Course director for Performance Design and Practice | Michael Spencer 

DIAL | Chris Follows

Project updates

Blog -

You have a new v-mail

Not sure because I’m aware of the technical implications – which is my I need to run the project. I guess it could be used as a case study for other courses facing similar communication issues.




CHALLENGE: I will need technical support in setting up any film facility and in how to disseminate the filmed material as appropriate. I might need some remission of teaching time to free up time for meetings/testing – not much – under 10 teaching hours at the most. I will need some equipment (camera…webcam…?)  but cannot give estimates at this point as I have not the knowledge.

Time Michael is very busy, we hope to kick this project off in July 2013.

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