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Video of Digital Maker Collective Tate Exchange Event 8th Feb 2017


See video of the #tateJAM Digital Making Art School @TateExchange event on 8th Feb 2017

On 8th Feb 2017 between 12 & 6pm University of the Arts London (UAL) Digital Maker Collective performed the 1st of 4 'Digital Making Art School' events at Tate Exchange, tate Modern.

We were really pleased to see so many UAL staff, students, alumni and guests take part and help set up and deliver the event (image of the UAL digital maker team below). It was also great to see so many staff & students from UAL who came along and got involved for the first time.

It was a busy day and a popular event, 581 visitors between 12pm & 6pm.

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Video by Abigail Fletcher


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