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Video presentation skills project overview

UAL’s Digital Integration into Arts Learning (DIAL) project aims to carry out a small number of staff and student led projects and case studies, which will explore the pace of technological change and its impact on the day-to-day practices. Read more.


Video presentation skills

College & Subject MA Fashion Entrepreneurship at the London College of Fashion
Project overview The DIAL project led by Laura North set out to help students develop video presentation skills as well as provide support for UAL staff that wishes to teach students about presentation skills. 
Stakeholders 15 Students from the MA fashion Entrepreneurship and 3 members of staff
Project Team

DIAL | Chris Follows; Rossella Emanuele‎; Kaye Pryce;

Laura North (leading this project)


Project updates

All updtaes:


The objective for the DIAL online presentation skills workshops was to work out ways of developing video presentation skills with students. A wider aim is to provide a tecahing and Learning Resource with the outline of the workshop and supporting materials  that UAL Staff can use to teach students about Presenation Skills.

Workshop 1 - trying out video pitching

Workshop 1, part 1 - filming one minute video pitches without training
Workshop 1, part 2 - watching the video pitches on a big screen

Workshop 2 - video pitch training and practice

Workshop 2, part 1 – training on how to do a video elevator pitch
Workshop 2, part 2 – exercises to practice video presentations

Workshop 3 - peer feedback 

Workshop 3 – Peer feedback on the before and after videos

Related projects & activities

A collaboration between LCF, DIAL, Speaking Out and SEE to develop a pilot workshop model to teach video presentation skills and confidence to students.


Online Resource - Video of the workshop outline and additional  supporting materials that can be used to teach these skills to students.


  • There were some technical issues. It took quite a long time to upload the videos ready for playback to the students and getting the video player to work was tricky. VLC seemed to be the best option.
  • The worst tech problems happened in the final evaluation workshop while using the large touch screens in the classrooms at High Holborn. The touch screen proved harder to use when uploading a lot of video.


  • A solution to this would be developing some sort of training or guidance around technical equipment, including some basic information about transferring videos from Flip cameras or mobile phones to the computer and guidance around using video players such as VLC, for example how to adjust volume and rotate portrait videos

Lessons learned:  

1. No work has been done on uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo  and then embedding in blogs or websites. It would be useful To develop guidance on this. 

2. The videos were unedited, but video editing skills would be a useful skill to develop as well

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