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Video presentation skills workshops info for DIAL draft final report

Video presentation skills workshops info for DIAL draft final report, the DIAL project led by Laura North set out to help students develop video presentation skills as well as provide support for UAL staff who wish to teach students about video presentation skills. See project overview and project resources.   

What benefits has your project delivered and who are the beneficiaries?

MA Fashion Entrepreneurship students at London College of Fashion - improved confidence and ability to structure video presentations, and each student now has a video pitch which they can use to promote their business or project.

As it is designed to be run on this course in the future, each cohort of students will benefit.

Staff more widely. We have shared resources on DIAL blog and process.arts, including a detailed description of the different components of the workshop to help others run the workshop: , as well as a video resources outlining the lessons learned so the model can be improved on. The resources that we produce from this will be circulated and can help UAL staff, but also staff more widely across the HE sector, and the students that they teach.


What other impacts has your project had?

We collaborated with Chitra Buckley, course director, to devise the training and lead the workshops, so she developed skills around leading a video presentation workshop, which fed into her PgCert.

Discussion around presentation skills via DIAL and process.arts

Increasing enterprise employability skills on the curriculum

My skills around how we develop workshop models as part of a course, embedding employability and enterprise skills on the curriculum, and the production of Online Educational Resources.

Outlining the lessons learned has helped us restructure the workshop and its content and deliver it again. 

Developing an effective collaboration between academic staff and other University departments

Students have been involved in the creation of their teaching, giving feedback and helping develop the structure of the training 


How will the project be developed further/sustained?

Running another revised workshop with Chitra Buckley in June 2013

From this event, we are creating resources that are designed to help staff teach the skills to their students - this makes the work sustainable by allowing existing staff to deliver training themselves.

The resources will include:

A short video guide for staff about how to run the workshop (The video will be step by step guide to how you run the video presentation skills workshop, using footage from the workshop itself)

A written structure for the workshop

The filmed presentation of the elevator pitch training that staff can play in full to their students

The accompanying Powerpoint presentation which staff can adapt and present themselves

Evaluation forms for the students to use in peer assessment

A feedback form for students to complete

These resources would be similar to another set of OER that I created for another project to embed presentation skills on the curriculum:

After completion of this stage of the project, I would identify further steps including devising staff training and trialling out the resource packages with tutors, who would use them to teach their students video presentation skills.

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