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Virtual Reality Meet Up & Play 15-06-16 Info


Fantastic Meetup and Discussions at the Virtual Reality Meet Up & Play event led by Joey Phinn & Saskia Little 15-06-16 where we had a fruitful discussion about VR, digital technologies and new ways of communication and crafting of mythologies and worlds.

Some links for some of the topics discussed:

Some questions which prompted the debate includes:

- Is VR popular because it’s the current novelty, or can it be more than just a niche gadget? Right now the conceptual ideas behind our own work is often overshadowed by the technological wonder and the sheer joy of being able to enter and experience another world. For VR to become a true platform for conceptual artists we need to treat it like any other medium – merely the starting point for immersive and interactive artworks. What kind of new ways of working with VR in virtual and real spaces can we begin to plot?

- How can different tools, from 3d modelling to WebGL experiments to programming to game making applications like Unity be used to create artistic endeavours beyond what they’re traditionally made for (games, visual effects, advertising, etc)?

- Is the VR/AR experience fundamentally isolationist? If so, is it any different from traditional white cube gallery experiences?

- How can VR be used with AR in order to create environments that are immersive both in reality and in simulation, for the isolated virtual reality user AND surrounding observers?

- Rather than creating cohesive linear artist-led VR experiences, is the way forward perhaps to allow true freedom within a set framework inside the VR world? Allowing the user to create, lead, explore, communicate on their own terms.

NEXT VR MEETUP 22 June at 2pm in Chelsea A216.

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