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Virtual Reality Meet Up & Play 15-06-16

Virtual Reality Meet Up & Play - discussing, sharing ideas and or learning a bit about how virtual reality, augmented reality World Building, 3D & VR (Basics) Please only take a place if you know you can make it.

When: Wednesday 15th June (1:30 - 4pm )

Where: A216 CCW Digital Projects Space

Who: Any CCW staff or student beginners welcome 8 Max

Come along and participate in a small group discussion about VR. It is not a workshop. Its an opportunity to come together discuss VR and how we can collaborate, open to those involved in VR already and those new to VR.

If you would like to book or join & propose a Digital Maker Collective meet up please let me know -

A collective meetup for those interested in discussing, sharing ideas and or learning a bit about how virtual reality, augmented reality and various software like Cinema 4D, Maya, Unity 3D, Chrome WebGL, programming, etc can be used or hacked to build narratives, worlds and interactive spaces. Discussions can be around current or future planned projects and how we can use various programs and skills to achieve them, the future of VR and AR, and how to link these virtual spaces with the real – as artists, how to integrate them into exhibition spaces or make experiences that extend beyond the novelty of new technology.

Meet-Up has been arranged by Joey Phinn who will be sharing her Samsung Gear VR for further VR demos and lots of fun introductions to the best Chrome WebGL experiments and chance to get some insights into what Joey has been doing with programming and current interdisciplinary studio collaboration work.

Digital Maker Collective

Digital Maker Collective is an open group of arts staff, students, alumni, arts sector & arts/tech industries who explore and critique digital making, emergent digital practice, collaboration and the sharing economy through regular interdisciplinary interest led group meet-ups, gatherings, activities and events.

The Digital Maker Collective values:

  • Support and share unique perspectives of digital making & emergent practice in the arts (openness)
  • Foster a co-produced, participatory approach to exploring digital arts learning and social engagement (trust & generosity)
  • New perspectives & research on the impacts of digital on the the art school, sector & industries e.g. explore enquiry led interdisciplinary art school curriculum (Risk)

Please note:

  • Is not a service: its a voluntary community who come together via informal meet-ups, workshops & events to learn and share from each other
  • Safe/Fail experiments only: not suitable for meeting course deadlines, submissions & assessments
  • Contribute: Give something back to the community in some way share resources, tips, help others etc.
  • Stay connected: We want to be an open network Alumni, sector & the tech industry
  • Patience/persistence: Being part of the group requires some commitment

We will be posting updates every week/month on and be launching the 'Digital Maker Collective' online soon.

Also keep an eye on:

CCW Digital learning, teaching & enhancement are delighted to be part of @Tate Exchange, an exciting new project at #tatemodern launching this autumn, more details here

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