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VR World notes


Notes of interesting stuff to follow up on from VR World 2017:

TOIA Feeling is believing - Imogen Clare

The first Gaming Convention held WITHIN VR -

Look into social VR with ALT VR

Augmented Reality Face Profiles - coming soon... Show the world who you are and what you love. All through the magic of Augmented Reality. Download the Blippar App - 

Holoroom How To -

Microsoft/HoloToolkit-Unity -

Look into Hololens Spatial Mapping

And visual studio -


By far the best presentation - Emily Hare

Taco Bell’s Cinco de Mayo Snapchat Lens Was Viewed 224 Million Times

VR with Solidworks -

Look into research by Mel Slater on VR and embodiment -

Beyond Mars Experience Bus:

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