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Want to draw in Virtual Reality using Tilt Brush 18 Oct ?

See video

Technology is rapidly transforming the way we live, learn, work and interact, Virtual Reality has finally arrived and could impact on all our disciplines from Design, Art, Theatre & Screen.

Book here - UAL staff, students & alumni (limited spaces) 

We will be offering days each week for staff & students across UAL to come to the A216 CCW Digital Projects space at Chelsea (digital experimentation space) and experience virtual reality using the HTC vive and applications like Tilt Brush.

See video from last week session here.

You are also invited to join the Digital Maker Collective and contribute to ongoing debate, research & activities which explore technology & arts and how Art School will respond to what some believe to be a technological revolution. Also see how you can get involved in future the Digital Maker Collective:

Links about the VR tech we will be using:


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