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WCA Foundation Video & Animation FMP

Reflections on Performance - Anna McAndrew
singing at speakers corner - Natalie Millet
Selected Drawing Stills from Animation - Anna Sheridan
Peeling off latex cast from found wood - Hannah Wenham

This is the first time I've introduced a group blog to support teaching, learning and assessment at Wimbledon College of Foundation WCA Foundation Video & Animation FMP Over the years I've seen how difficult it can be for video and animation students to show their ongoing practice, its also difficult for tutors to see how the video and animation students are progressing. Much of what students are doing is hidden on computers, DVDs and hard-drives, content can consist of long un-edited video clips, not necessarily in the same location, often left on their home PC.

See action research paper here - Striking a balance between practice and open practice ? -

I would have liked to have used process.arts for this but as its due for redevelopment and update so I decided against, I hope to include many of the group blog type functionality in the process.arts upgrade and use the process.arts site next time.

The Wimbledon foundation students have adapted well to the concept of using blog posts to communicate their practice to the outside world. I've found it really useful in keeping on top of what the students are doing and makes the sometimes hectic face to face sessions a lot more focused. I'm interested to hear how students and staff have found the experience of using the blog and how the blog can help the assessment team in gaining better insight into rich media and time based media content.



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