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What are project groups

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Project groups on process.arts provide individuals, project teams, courses, conference groups or communities of interest a place to cluster groups of user generated content together, group forums can also be created. Users outside UAL can create accounts and fully contribute. Groups require primary initiator/s to help set up and steward (support and build) the community of practice, the more active groups will be featured on the front page and on this list. When adding resources please choose a group if relevant from the drop down tab. If you would like to propose a group on process.arts you would like to create and manage please contact  

process.arts are developing project group sections on its site, these are spaces for groups or individuals to build a network of users and resources in collaboration and along side other process.arts  project groups.


Once a community can commit and want to take 'ownership' of a specialist section we can develop this requirement appropriately. The first group to fund development of their project area was Fashion Colloquia  -

The global Fashion Colloquia has integrated this resource into it main project landing page -

Another use case:

DIAL are quickly growing out of their DIAL blog, as the DIAL groups are beginning to form and develop we need to find a space for these groups to grow.

DIAL would like to add banners and develop these sections for DIAL resource groups on process arts and create branded areas similar to how we did with this group, so all posts in this section will be under the project banners similar to what we did here -

As process arts is a community led project and is an unfunded project DIAL will pay the process.arts developer days via the DIAL artstemps account to work on developing their group areas for DIAL.

Next steps ... approach we can take:

Once the local community is fully established in the existing sections e.g Fashion Colloquia, DIAL etc section on process.arts  We can start planning the development of the possible satellite specialist sites, this site would be an agile development project with the specialist community and the wider process.arts community and could address the following issues:

Creating the first unique bespoke satellite web space for a specialist area with links and integration (advanced search/CSS etc) to the process.arts site and community

The new connected space could have full user access (open to all)

Specific design and functionality to the accommodate the community needs but remain connected to the process.arts community and wider networks/ make use of the wider arts network.

Create an exemplar for sustainable growth of subject specific social/academic content communities.



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