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What is a digital Steward

Some ideas for the stewarding role (specifically in relation to creative sector communicating/sharing its resources and learning and teaching with the world). Also see Process.arts functionality requirements for an open practice platform and Digital literacy CPD and a practical pathway into OEP.

Helping users online:

The Steward could support open practice in many ways to help staff and students better share their learning and teaching activities and associated resources externally, here are some examples:

The steward would openly support best practice via comment support with staff and students who are attempting open practice -

The steward can also build an open batch of resources in which to point new open practitioners to for support and guidance -

And highlight examples of case studies -

.... and resource development case studies -

The steward could develop in collaboration with key staff, bespoke learning modules to meet specific objectives stakeholders -   

Rich media resource development to help enhance and externalise courses and projects

Example 1 Life drawing:

Here is an example of where the steward works with a course to help communicate and visualise the course activity e.g - in this link is the download attachment to the course brief with a real video example - additionally the rest of the related projects are also presented to support the visulisation of the brief (including audio, image and video)


Workshop and technical processes:

The steward has supported a member of staff to produce rich media resources -

And creating learning resource pages like this -

Communities of practice

The steward would help the creation of communities of practice, advise on what is the relevant online space for the Cop, help them set up the Cop and develop and promote their open practice community.  

Other open communities of practice examples can be seen here -

Example of how putting our practice and resources has benefited another college -

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Size Isn't Everything For academe's future, think mash-ups not MOOC's

Forbes may see an investment opportunity for profit-based online educational companies. But there is also an investment opportunity for any educator (with or without degree) to rethink learning top to bottom, inside out. We have a potential for a learning mash-up of the loftiest, most creative, learner-centered kind. Whether we are talking about Khan's millions of learners who have a handful of teachers or Ito's billions of teachers learning from one another, the idea that we educators don't have to force education, that people like to learn if there is something worth learning, is the gold mine for the digital age offered by the glossy promises made by these two popular magazines.

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Size Isn't Everything For academe's future, think mash-ups not MOOC's

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"Promoting interaction and discussion is the most effective way to use technology to support learning. Social media promotes and extends discussion, which is far more effective and transformative than putting lectures on YouTube or textbooks on tablets will ever be."

"We need to focus on using and developing technological tools that make learning more interactive and collaborative. It’s is a more effective and innovative way of improving learning than simply finding new ways to deliver content. see full article here" -

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