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What do you think about your POI experience 3-3?

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In this video 3 of 3 Pedro reflects on his experience in taking part in the Objective Design Process course by Mark Wells, part of the POI programme and wider Professional Online Identities project (POI), which aims to create an unique and agile programme that will identify and develop the specific digital literacies/hard and soft skills (Presentation and Relational skills) required for maintaining a professional online practice so to enhancing student/graduate employability and industry readiness.

Video 1 - Pedro was asked: What attracted you to this session? And  What did you get from this session?

Video 2 - Professional web sills - compulsory or optional extra? And Should digital skills be assessed at the start of a course?

Video 3 - What do you think about your POI experience? And Anything else?

DIAL project (Video interview by Kaye Pryce)


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