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Will Group and Individual Reflection Boost The Confidence Of WP Students?

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Really interesting, shame only four did the review but think your right could be lack of confidence or time (where was the show?) !

Here's a section of my action research may be of interest? -

The teacher as Fly on the Wall

Where are the teachers? Are they observing our progress? The lack of framework and understanding of how students and staff operate in this space can cause confusion 'does the teacher's silence on my post mean disappointment or satisfaction?' We can begin to manage these expectations by addressing our level of participation. If teachers begin to explore 'a way of understanding learning and teaching' as OEP, this may provide an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their interactions and decide on the level of participation in the community.

"She will learn when, and how much to disclose, and she will know about the confidence-inducing effects of such disclosure. She will also know when keeping her own counsel leads to students doing some productive reflection, and when it paralyses them". Brookfield, S. (1995 pp.8)

The Circle

If our blog were a classroom, we may lay it out as a circle of chairs, good practice you'd think, no rows of chairs for students to fall asleep and get lost in the crowd. In the circle everyone is inward facing, visible and in a position of dominance, part of the group. For the confident students this is not a problem, although there is always the problem of the dominant student taking over the group or students feeling they should just say something for the sake of it. For the less confident and shy students this configuration can be intimidating, Brookfield (1995) quotes Kreisberg (1992) describe how 'painful and humiliating experience' it is to be forced into a position of openness and exposure in an unfamiliar environment. The students have no opportunity to sit back and observe the tutor in practice, the student needs space and time to check out their environment and teacher so they are sure and secure enough to contribute to the community so they can open up and thrive in this environment. The circle does not allow LLP for students to find their place in the community.

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