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Work based & work related learning within Higher Education

FdA Graphic Design. Camberwell - Two years shaped by regular consultation with key industry figures. Practitioner led workshops, internships, live projects, studio visits and collaborative primary research ensure our students graduate with up to the minute knowledge of the communication design industry now.

CLTAD Funded Research In spring 2010, Course Leader, Derek Yates, embarked on a CLTAD funded secondment in order to identify innovative best practice in terms of work based and work related learning within Higher Education.

This research involved:

> Going through Governmental research reports in reports such as ‘Future fit. Preparing graduates for the world of work. Produced by the CBI; The Future Face of Enterprise. Demos; The Cox Review. Sir George Cox.; the QAA Code of Practice for Work- Based & Placement Learning; Skillset. Guidelines for Employers offering Work Placement Schemes in the Creative Industries

> Tracking blogs, websites and publications produced by people like Creative Review, Design Week, the Design Council and Eye.

> Attending and talking at conferences like CCW Work Based Learning Conference (Work Based Learning for the 21st Century) and the ‘Design & the Creative Industries Conference: Working Together with Universities’ at Brighton University.

> Interviewing leading practitioners from across the creative industries such as the design team at Glue London (a digital agency); Steve Dunn, Creative Director at the Assembly (an advertising agency); Davide, Creative Director of Quayola (motion graphics/ interactive director); Matt Wade, partner Kin (an interaction & environment design agency); Russell Holmes, then Creative Director at Dave (the branding consultancy); Matt Rice, partner at Sennep (Web design agency); Roberto D’Andria, partner Bear (graphic design & branding agency) and Luise Vormitagg, partner at Container Plus (an Illustration Collective)

> Drawing together material gathered during previous collaborations with agencies such as: Moving Brands, Bibliotheque, the V&A, 300 Million, Kino and Onedotzero.


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