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Foundation Degree in Ceramics at Batley College of Art, Kirklees College, Dewsbury

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CERAMICS Degree Show Images from Batley School of Art

Basics of i Stop Motion

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Fig.1 - Set up your camera onto a tripod with the camera looking down onto your object as in the image below and place what you want to animate onto the screen.

Faces Study

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Wax faces with interchangeable expressions.


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Sharing knowledge improve and develop professional identities: 14/11/11, 12 - 1.30pm, Room 202, High Holborn.

4. Sizing and Priming your canvas - STRETCHER MAKING WORKSHEET part 4

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4. Sizing and Priming your canvas

You will need:
PVA diluted in a ratio of 1:5 with water

The Art of Making Blog

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Chelsea Techinician Steff Wills has been keeping a blog called ‘The Art of Making’ documenting his work and the work of

My Fine Art Project

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I shall start by introducing who I am, I am a student on the foundation year at Wimbledon.

Stilted Tea Party

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