This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

'Do You Wanna See my Willy' (Process)

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'Wanna See My Willy' is a book exploring the ways people interact in the modern world, using Omegle

Hairdressing Training

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Hairdressing Training ( provides exemplary step-by-step guidance videos, self-evaluation tests, worksheets and guides relating to

30 - Stone box

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This limestone is sawn by hand with a concrete saw I had to hand at home, held firmly down using luggage straps on a portable workbench in my backyard. See slides.

2. Assembling and Gluing your Stretcher - STRETCHER MAKING WORKSHEET part 2

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2. Assembling and Gluing your Stretcher

You will need:
Wood glue
Small nails

54 - Cast aluminium sphere

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Creating an object in separate components to be combined later can often help to overcome technical or production problems, see paper sphere,

milk in water (final choice for 'create' section of film)

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The part of the film I wanted to communicate the concept of 'create' was done though the process of milk traveling and eventually occupying a glass of water.

Pauls Garden Shed

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Workspaces, and studios are famously improvised and idiosyncratic spaces.

They will develop according to their use and the owners ambitions.

40 - Plaster ring cube

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Plaster casting can often suggest a solid, bulky, physical kind of sculpture, where the cast is a facsimile of an original, often modelled in clay.

Casting ice cream/plaster mould

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Q; Hi Tirantis,

I’m always advising students to "go and buy it at Tirantis", but now I need some advice myself if that’s OK!

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