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Soldering: Use of Metal Binding Wire

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John Edwards introduces "binding" in the soldering process to London College of Fashion students / 3D jewellery

Analytics & Visitors Overview - Dec to Jan 2012

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Monthly updates on Visitors to process.arts, (please see 1 month site analytics report attached) This is over the Christmas perid but still looked busy on process.arts

Transciption Project: Interpreting Turner

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In this project we were given the challenge of transcribing works from the National Gallery into a more contemporary context. During a lecture there I became particularly interested in semiotics.

Interview with Enver Gürsev

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See - Enver Gürsev interview - VISIT the Core Gallery - It is a pleasure to interview our very own Cor Blimey(ite) Enver Gürsev!

The Centre for Drawing UAL

thumb image - Launched in February 2008,

Seperating a Flower from a Background

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This is the 1st of a series of tutorials which described processes involved, from selecting an element from a photograph (in this case seperating a flower from a background) to creating various typ

36 - Laser cut acrylic sphere

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The ability of the laser cutting process to cut lines of very narrow width, enables components to be fitted with very close tolerances, while producing delicate parts that might not withstand the s

1. Preparing and Cutting your Wood - STRETCHER MAKING WORKSHEET part 1

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1. Preparing and Cutting your Wood

You will need:
4 lengths of 'prepared' 2x1 (6 if your stretcher is larger than 1m squared)

02 - Coloured acrylic cube

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The coloured acrylic of this piece consists of those scrap pieces found around the machines in the workshop that have been used to shape the components of student work, over a period of approximate

06 - Glass wax cube

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Glass wax melts at a higher temperature than most waxes, but has the advantage of remaining clear, this providing opportunity for effects similar to that of glass itself, but with a greater workabi