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CSM Foundation Fine Art Sculpture Project No.1

OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE from CSM FOUNDATION DIPLOMA IN ART AND DESIGN. For information about the course please see here.

This resource contains materials that CSM Fine Art Lecturers will use for teaching a Fine Art Sculpture project called 'Process Process Process'. It will be taught to Foundation students during Part 1 of the 2013-14 course, when they are introduced to various aspects of Fine Art practice.

PPP is a week-long project suitable for students who may not have had any previous experience or knowledge of contemporary sculpture. It is practical and studio-based, with a lecture and seminar activities to provide contextual and critical background. Students are asked to research, reflect and evaluate in additional to their studio work – please see for information. As students are in the first weeks of Foundation, this project is designed to be completed by students who do not yet have access to workshop equipment.

The Lesson Plans include details of learning outcomes for the students based on specific activities. These can be sampled individually, transferable depending on time and resources. For example, in other Sculpture projects we have run at CSM, the 'Joining' workshop on Day 2 has been used as a skills-based lesson more generally, not just within this project.

'Process Process Process' teaching materials contents:

Project Brief Powerpoint Presentation
This template is used for CSM Foundation Projects 2013-14. This PDF will be distributed to students via Moodle (the Virtual Learning Environment used by CSM). This A4 five side Brief contains project context, project description, materials list, art exhibitions, glossary, bibliography, timetable, health & safety and assessment information. Download This has images of work by artists relevant to the project. It is shown in a lecture given to students on the first day of the project. This Powerpoint will be available for students on Moodle. Note: many of the examples of sculpture in this Powerpoint are chosen for their low-tech use of everyday objects as students will be working with similar materials, without access to workshops. Download

Seminar Worksheets

Lesson Plans

This PDF contains sheets that are printed A3 size and given to small groups of students. They form the basis for group discussion which is a 'learning check' for the Powerpoint lecture. Please see Day 1 Lesson Plan for details. These worksheets are available to students on Moodle. Download

These documents are used by CSM Foundation tutors to structure the teaching of the project and to ensure that learning outcomes are delivered, preparing students for assessment. Download


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