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Open educational practice

Striking a balance between practice and open practice ?

Striking a balance between practice and open practice, what does it mean to operate in a digital environment? Chris Follows, University of the arts London 2011

What does open educational practice mean to you?

We had our forth ‘open education at UAL drop-in/focus group session at WCA 26/04/2012 following on from previous sessions at (CSM, LCF and CCAD) the sessions are part of a CLTAD project colla

4 categories of open educational practice

How can we bring about changes in belief and attitude? 


There are two possible levels to open practice in the creative sector, as the teaching/technical staff are all teacher/practitioners.

Open Education at UAL

Communities of Practice Practice UAL

Flipping the Classroom Requires More Than Video

See video

The term “flipped classroom” is most attributed to two chemistry teachers from Colorado, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, who pioneered the use of screencasting and video podcasting in

Open Educational Practice - extended post

Open Educational Practice and Open Educational Resources