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Laser cut Sphere

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The images depict the process of designing and producing numbered, flat packable, self supporting, acrylic spheres.

05 - Acrylic Sphere

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Some objects can be best achieved with a visit to the shops.

31 - Clear acrylic box

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Clear acrylic offers an effective and relatively simple way of exploring the idea of containment, or of separating the viewer from an object.

36 - Laser cut acrylic sphere

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The ability of the laser cutting process to cut lines of very narrow width, enables components to be fitted with very close tolerances, while producing delicate parts that might not withstand the s

02 - Coloured acrylic cube

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The coloured acrylic of this piece consists of those scrap pieces found around the machines in the workshop that have been used to shape the components of student work, over a period of approximate

29 - P.V.C. strip sphere

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While object 50, and object 54, for instance, use their mass and material presence to describe spheres, this object, along with object 5, use translucency, lightness, and reflectivity to find other

Poster for studio/workshop display; Cubes & Spheres 26 Cubes, 27 Spheres

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Paul Lindley (CCW) 26 Spheres, 27 Cubes - Widening scope of and access to technical information. In collaboration with Process Arts this practical research exercise investigates the wide

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