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London College of Communication

Will students use their feedback if they've written it up themselves?

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A brief video describing my Action Research Teaching Development Project.

Inside Outside - sustainable printmaking project LCC

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Inside Outside Sustainable Printmaking

An exploration of sustainable printmaking, away from the normal studio environment.

How can collaboration between academics, technicians and students improve the learning experience between all parties?

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Inspired by models of Communities of Practice, the project is the start for a sustainable future in university where real collaboration and participation between students, academics and techni

My Advice

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Tony Pritchard interviews participants of the 2011 Design for Visual Communication courses for their advice to the new 2012 students.

LCC TechJam with Freeformers UAL Alumni welcome

LCC TechJam with Freeformers 16th May. This event will teach coding skills in a day and UAL Alumni are welcome to attend.

The Making of Stanley Kubrick: the iconic film-maker’s creative process

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The Making of Stanley Kubrick: a new oral history film series offer insights about the iconic film-maker’s creative process

Teaching Development Project; Getting the most out of the Visiting Speaker Programme

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This brief summary describes the background, process and findings of my teaching development project.

Developing confidence in self-criticism

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A summary of a Teaching Development Project by Mark Clompus on developing students' confidence in their own criticism. (MA Screenwriting, LCC)

Reuters Report from Event at LCC Finding the next young tech millionaire

This Reuters report was recorded at a @freeformers_uk coding event at UAL, @LCCLondon London College of Communications in the summer 2013.

Open Educational Practice - extended post

Open Educational Practice and Open Educational Resources


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